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Practice & Experience

Business Injection for great growth companies. Our group of many hundreds of business angels, Family Offices and Active Shareholders make a real difference for our companies, both as Active Shareholders and as Advisors.


At MIKTHE Advisory and Partners we invest with our own money and therefore we, as a group, are often appreciated as a good complement and support to the companies we support as Active Shareholders.


We also help high-quality entrepreneurs as Financial Advisors  - more than 100 years of experience from numerous deals, as IPO Advisors, M&A Advisors and Investors.


We support entrepreneurs with financial planning, capital raise strategy, business to business introductions, board support, Advisory and all other types of related structural measures to make life easier for the entrepreneurs and to maximize success for our holding and clients, as Advisors or Active Shareholders.


We really enjoy being a part of the success and team effort of building and structuring growth companies, in close cooperation with the Founders.


Customer need first -  Integrity - Confidentiality - Flexibility

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